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How To Grow Your Facebook Page For Your Business

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

In 2018 I started learning about social media marketing, and that one decision helped change the trajectory of my first client's business. My client is a licensed psychologist and author but he didn't have time to keep up with his Facebook page for his private practice. He asked me to manage his Facebook business page for him. I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out some of the new skills I had learned and I'm so glad now that I took action!

My client's Facebook page had about 300 followers at the time, and he didn't really post that often on there. He also had a website and blog, but that was about it for his online presence.

How We Took Our Client's Facebook Page From 300 Followers To Over 6,000!

When I became his social media manager I saw that his page wasn't getting much engagement from his posts. I came up with a solution to help him get more engagement. This is the key right here. I started to learn and apply what other large accounts in his niche were doing on their social media pages and do what they do. I didn't steal or copy their posts. I got inspiration from the graphics they used and I saw how all their posts added value to their audience. Always Add Value.

So I took what I had learned from the experts and applied it to his Facebook page and before we knew it his engagement went way up!

How To Create Social Media Content That Gets Engagement.

My client is a licensed psychologist and author of several books on marriage. To get ideas for creating original posts for him, I simply read through his books and created content around it. That was it. I used a free tool for creating social media graphics called Canva, and I used another free social media tool called Later to schedule out the posts to be posted automatically to his Facebook page. This social media strategy of posting original branded content is called organic reach. It's a long-term strategy to building a community of loyal followers on social media. You have to be in it for the long run and be consistent.

Consistency is Key

I would recommend posting 3-4 times per week on Facebook and/or Instagram. I typically create all of the social media graphics and content in one day and schedule it to post automatically at a certain date and time of the week using a social media scheduler like Later or Buffer. Remember when creating content to think about how this post can add value and encourage people to like and share it.

If you want to build your Facebook page quickly to get over a thousand followers in one week I can tell you exactly what to do and it involves Facebook advertising which I may talk about on another blog post.

If you're a mental health professional and you don't have the time to learn all this social media marketing stuff like my first client, or you just want to delegate that to someone else so you can focus on your clients, then shoot me an email at: and we can see if we'll be a good fit for each other.


Phil Dugas

Dugas Creative


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